Snowdrops… and the focus for this year’s cleanse

Image by Annie Spratt

The first snowdrops are out in our garden and it’s such a beautiful sign of hope to me and the promise of spring – just gorgeous. The previous owners of our house must have been huge fans as there are hundreds of them all round our front and back lawns :)  Being just a few days away from February my thoughts are also turning towards my annual cleanse.

I am really looking forward to it this year. I find it so helpful to bring things back up to the conscious level for a bit of tweaking and refining.

It’s an opportunity for me to connect even more deeply with my body and soul.

I take the time to focus back on the basics, those foundations of health and wellbeing that sustain me for the rest of the year but also to reflect more deeply on what I need to live fully, authentically, wholeheartedly.

It works for me on so many levels. It reaffirms to my body that it is loved and cared for, it is nurturing for my emotional self too, reminding me that I am important and worthy of time and space and its an opportunity for me to listen deeply to the calling of my spirit to ensure that I am aligned with those things that are important to my higher self for wholehearted living.

My usual framework for the cleanse will be in place and as ever there’s a little abstinence that I need to maintain but I’ve found over the years that it really helps not to place too much attention on what it is I’m not consuming but rather to direct energies on my intentions and the purpose of the process.

This cleanse will be one focused on vitality. Vitality isn’t just energy, it has a certain quality… its energy with aliveness, it’s energy with purpose, it’s energy with passion and inspiration at its heart. The energy of true vitality doesn’t drain the body when it’s utilised, it renews and energises and makes it possible to live into our potential.

Increasing vitality requires not only taking care of the vital energy needs of the body but strengthening our connection with our vital life force.

So this cleanse, as well as ensuring the fundamentals of self care are well exercised, will provide space and tools to deepen my connection to that space that enables my creativity and inspiration to flow abundantly. I’m going to need bucket loads if I’m to birth the creative projects I’m currently gestating. It will also be a great excuse to revitalize our mealtimes. Urgh I’ve really not been enjoying meals of late and need to inject some creativity and energy to transform our menu and our whole eating experience, if the smalls have to endure another meal of sweet potato and hummus I think I might have to throw in the tea-towel.

If you’d like a little more get up and go for 2017 why not join me?

The basics are very simple:

We abstain from: Refined sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Caffeine, Alcohol and processed foods where possible.

We aim to stay fully hydrated with at least 2 litres of water a day.

We commit to sleep and rest, getting to bed no later than 10pm preferably earlier and we limit as far as possible screen time and social media particularly in the evenings.

We commit to a daily meditation and journalling practice that can be a brief as 5 minutes or as involved as you have time and space for.

A basic daily yoga asana practice that can be a brief as 5 minutes.

In addition to all of that I’ll be working through some processes focusing on vitality which will unfold as the month does.

If you don’t homeschool or have smalls that get you up at 5am and have a little more time to play with then you might also want to include some of those things that were a feature of my cleanses before kids…:

Daily body brushing, weekly Epsom salts baths, hot water and lemon every morning, reflexology or lymphatic drainage massage weekly or fortnightly, a daily run/workout, a full spring-clean of the home.

Most of these have fallen by the way side for me in recent years but I have to say that the basics that sustain me have become the bedrock of everyday not just the cleanse so there’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple.

You can do a little or the whole shebang, but it would be great to have a few of you along for the ride. Who’s in?



Photo credit – Annie Spratt 



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