A Grounding meditation for you

My energy has been a bit scattered of late and not being grounded makes it so much harder to focus on what’s important.

I’ve always been sensitive to spaces and people but without sleep and my usual firm anchor, it’s become a problem rather than a gift. Sometimes I just find myself being carried along with the predominant energy of the space I’m in. This is a recipe for frazzled days, particularly as the children so often follow my lead.

So before I go further into revealing and exploring those values at the heart of motherhood, I need to focus on putting my roots back in the soil.

This has been happening gradually over the last few days as a lot of the ‘crazy’ ungrounded energy has been channeled more purposefully into my writing. Giving voice to the energy naturally dissipates it and provides a sense of walking on firmer ground. Giving any internal struggle a means of expression, whether that be with words, images, movement and/or sound, moves it out of our bodies, provides us with perspective, and makes way for our energy and inspiration to flow again.

Roots – Putting them down and staying centred amid whatever is going on, is such a key component for me of the simple and joyful life. Finding my centre and staying in it enables life to flow at just the right pace for optimum harmony, regardless of external circumstance.

Firm roots also provide a foundation for our children. From a strong base we can carry out our daily rhythm with surety and grace and from our rhythm grows our traditions, which in turn form anchors to family and self that will last a lifetime.

Once fully back in my body, rooted to the ground, I can start really connecting with that still, small voice within, and trust the wisdom that is offered.

So today I’m offering a short meditation (less than 5 minutes long) that I recorded in the moment as I was doing it for myself this evening. Feel free to use it whenever you like if you find it helpful, perhaps at the start of each day to set your intention, or in those testing moments when you just need to reconnect. It’s my first take so it may be a little rough around the edges, but it’s real, and offered with love.

Grounding and centering meditation

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