Day 9 of the February Cleanse

Yesterday was a busy day Home Ed wise and we were up and out early hence no post.
The physical aspects of the cleanse I don’t really have to think about too much now. It’s no longer a great effort to avoid sugar, alcohol etc as my system has stabilised. I just need to be mindful of any triggers that may send me into old unconscious patterns.
Today is quieter and we have unexpectedly ended up with a home day which gives me a great opportunity to move the space clearing element of the cleanse forward. Periodically I find it helpful to review my space and get a sense of how it is working for us.
I do this in layers. I look at the physical space, the large elements in each room. How do they affect how we move in the space? How do they affect the light? Do they serve a purpose? (being beautiful is purposeful of course but for me better to be functional and beautiful as we chose to keep possessions and furniture to a minimum if we can).
I get a feel for our home as I move through it. Starting at the entrance I take a slow walk through and take and emotional reading if you like. How do I feel as I first enter, is it welcoming? What’s the temperature like both physical and emotional? How does the light change? Is there anything blocking the windows? Light is absolutely vital for my wellbeing and was one of the reasons why we chose our current home.
I gauge whether my energy lifts or drops as I move through each room and if there are any particular areas that lower my energy for whatever reason. It might be it’s a clutter spot, it might be that a picture or piece of furniture is not to my taste. We made a commitment when we moved that nothing would come with us that didn’t make us feel good. Nothing goes on the walls that we don’t absolutely love as every time we look at it, it affects our energy.
The whole resonance of our home is very important to us. I’m not particularly stylish by nature but there’s an awful lot you can do to make a home a nurturing place without spending a fortune on interior decorating. It’s predominantly the feel of a home that affects those who visit and live there.
Today my focus will be the children’s main play area that is in the conservatory off our living room. I have spent the last few weeks watching how they play and how they interact with their toys and the other objects in the room and there is a definite room for improvement. Also it’s been a while since I gave it a thorough clean and I rotated their toys so that will be part of the process.
I very much consider the environment as the third parent, a concept that I think comes from the Reggio Emilia approach. A clean and clear space with a few carefully chosen objects can transform a child’s mood, their play, and even, I’ve noticed, how they eat, sleep and interact with each other. Equally a cluttered, dis-organised space can lead to distracted, overly boisterous play as the youngsters try to make sense of their environment and the haphazard energy that is created by chaos.
So hopefully a clear and sort today will deepen their play and enhance their enjoyment of our home.

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