Day 15 of the cleanse – what’s worth giving up?

I never really used to complain about things…well, I wasn’t very conscious of it if I did, but boy how times change! …

It’s raining, queue groan about what a faff to get the kids out the door via ten layer of clothes, waterproofs and other paraphernalia.

Yesterday the awesome Chinese new year parade we went to see in town didn’t start bang on 10am as promised, queue grumble about what the modern world has come to and how no-one values anyone else’s time anymore…

I meet up with a dear friend for a play date…must be time to grumble about how much the children are winding me up with their constant demands…

I leave the post office, time to moan about how the lady in there NEVER smiles….groan, grumble, moan, mumble I’ve somehow managed to turn complaining, whether externally to my long suffering husband, or internally to myself into an art form.

So I’m adding something else to my cleanse for the rest of the month.

I resolve to give up complaining. For every day that I voice a complaint – to the children, to my spouse to one of my long suffering buddy’s I’ll add another booze free day onto the end of the cleanse…that should be motivation enough to kick this habit into touch!

Seriously, if ever there was a habit to get in the way of my desired state of mindful, present awareness then it’s the constant griping. I know we all do it but it’s just a habit and this, much like coffee for me, is well worth giving up, for good!



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