Beginning my February Cleanse

February is cleanse month here at camp Cairns. A few people have been asking for me to share our process so here goes.
The intention is to cleanse, clear and center, so throughout february i’ll be taking small and simple, gentle and easy steps to move myself and the whole family towards greater clarity a greater sense of inner calm and peace and hopefully a more firmly rooted connection to our source of joy and inspiration…..
Each day I have a simple focus for the body, for the mind and for our connection as a family and the world around us.
There are a few elements that stay the same throughout to aid the cleansing process many of which are already part of our routine anyway so we know we don’t have too much to worry about.
No refined sugar
No caffeine
No alcohol
No gluten
No dairy
No processed foods where possible
2 litres of water per day
Water and lemon each morning
10minutes of meditation per day
Simple yoga session daily
Yesterday was simply starting the process and getting fully on board, noticing any mental resistance and reconfirming my commitment and aim (this pretty much happens daily as I wobble and reach for the dark chocolate hit or think about having a cup of tea)
So today
Focus for the body:
Hydration – working on the basis of what gets measure improves, I note each time I drink a glass of water.
Movement – incorporating more movement into the everyday in particular forward bends as my hamstrings are tight and stretches to increase energy flow and twists to mobilise the spine. (Yoga poses of down ward dog, cow face pose and half moon pose)
Focus for the mind:
Tolerations: what little things am I tolerating in every day life that irritate me, cause frustration and drain energy. Notice them and chose one to change/fix today. It could be as simple as changing a lightbulb, fixing a broken appliance emptying out a drawer that wont close properly.
Space clear: chose just one very small space to mindfully clear of clutter and any unwanted items. A spice rack a small drawer, one bookshelf, a desk top. There is no pressure to do any more just one small space done mindfully and with intention. Enjoying the feeling of clarity that comes with consciously clearing, making space in the mind and in life for more of what is good and needed to come in.
Focus for the spirit of the home:
Listening with the heart. In my interactions with the children and those I meet today to tune into the message behind what’s being said. To listen with active compassion. To seek to understand first.
If you feel like joining us this month i’d love to hear how you’re getting on. No need to do the whole thing just pick one aspect you’d like to focus on, particularly if its your first cleanse. Much better to do one thing and stick to it that get into overwhelm and give up. Keep it simple, enjoy the process and reap the benefits.
I’ll be posting most days on the facebook page and some posts will make it onto the blog, time and children allowing 😉
Much love for a mindful day

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