A simple life doesn’t have to mean a small one

When I speak to people about living a simple life I think for some it conjures up images of Tom and Barbara digging over the veggie patch with a home made rotator. Much as I’m passionate about home grown food, and I really am, I think it’s worth saying that a simple life doesn’t necessarily equate to a provincial one.

Living simple doesn’t have to mean living small. In fact it can mean quite the opposite.

Yes it means stripping away a lot of things, but those things are carefully chosen. They are the unnecessary, the clutter, the distractions, the excess. In clearing these things we create space and opportunity for a new kind of abundance.

An abundance of inspiration, of clarity, of focus, amongst other things.

We cut back on the random accessories to make way for the truly meaningful.

What I have found this leads to is a revealing. Of self, of purpose, of dreams and vision.  Because these are born out of our own unique still and quiet places they are infinitely more significant than those manufactured for us by the trends, whims and fancies of society at large.

A simple life is one of priorities and as we have spoken about before, one of choice. You can most definitely chose to live a big dream in a simple and profound way…








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