A Little Reminder Project

A little reminder

What is A Little Reminder?

It’s a project founded to bring hope, encouragement and a show of solidarity to women who are having more than just an off day…who, despite their best efforts, may feel like everything is going-to-hell-in-a-hand-basket and they need someone to throw them a lifeline, a reminder that they are a woman of strength, a woman of power and that they are enough just as they are.

Almost all the women, particularly mothers, I know have had days like these, me included. Days when you dig deep, and you still feel beaten and weary to the bone. On day’s like these you need to know you’re not alone. In these dark moments knowing that someone has taken the time to remind you that you are loved, that you are worth time and energy and effort and something beautiful is healing beyond measure and can literally get you through that moment and onto the next.

A Little Reminder project is a very simple way that anyone can show their support, extend an offering of love, and give the gift of hope to someone in need.

There is an almost constant barrage of self improvement advice out there and there is, of course, a place for that. To grow and change is part of the journey of being human but A Little Reminder isn’t about that. It’s about affirmation. It’s A Little Reminder that you are enough! Just as you are. It’s an act of recognition that you are more then enough in fact. You are totally awesome. A Little Reminder is a way of showing solidarity, of lifting someone up, of helping them reconnect with their amazing essence. It’s a way to show them who they really are and what they are truly worth when they are having trouble seeing it for themselves. It’s also a reminder that we are all in this together. We are not alone. Who doesn’t need to hear that?

an invincible summer rose

How does it work?

I receive a nomination for someone who needs A Little Reminder.

I put together a selection of the pledges (read more about what a pledge is below) I have received that are appropriate for our intended recipient. These go into a simply but beautifully packaged gift box with some other carefully chosen gifts which I then hand deliver. Currently this extends to recipients within a 20 mile radius of HP6 but this will grow in time. The boxes are put together from up-cycled packaging as I try to minimise our environmental impact where possible. They are prepared with love and each one is unique. At the moment there isn’t a postal option available but I’m working on it. The number of pledges in a box may vary depending on what I have been sent at any one time, but I aim for 6 pledges per box but sometimes one very special gift given at just the right time is enough to act as Little Reminder with a Big Impact.

How you can help

There are three key ways you can support the project.

  1. Pledge a reminder. A reminder can be anything you like that has been crafted with love with the intention of affirming and offering encouragement and support, joy or comfort. So a pledge could be almost anything, from your favourite fairly traded chocolate to a hand made bookmark.  We have had pledges from creatives and people from all ages and walks of life. They range from heart-felt handwritten letters to beautifully crafted hand made journals with a simple message, pre-loved books that are an uplifting and life affirming read and even hand made soaps. Pledge a poem, a painting, a piece of music, chocolate, a cup of tea, a book, a card, a quilt, a craft. Large or small, all gifts are welcome if sent with care and match the ethos of our brand.* Remember we are not about giving “self help” advice, we’re not offering coaching or solutions just a little reminder, a token of love and solidarity. What might someone who needs a lift like to receive? There is no limit to the number of pledges you can send and we are very grateful for each and every one. Just post your pledge, securely packaged so it arrives safely, to me here at HollyWood, Weedon Hill, Hyde Heath, Buckinghamshire, HP6 5RH and mark it ‘A Little Reminder Project.’
  2. Nominate someone in need. Send an email to me (elizabeth@thejoyfulmum.com) with their name and address and why they could do with A Little Reminder. You might want to include a personal message and/or small gift that we will include along with those from our pledgers. It helps if I have a contact number for them to make sure they are in to receive their gift but it’s not essential. Whether they are a new mum struggling with post natal depression, a carer with little or no support, a teenager in crisis, or a woman struggling with overwhelm and hopelessness, anyone who needs reminding of just how awesome she is is welcome to A Little Reminder.
  3. Tell someone about the project. Use #ALittleReminderProject on social media. If you’re an artist or know an artist that might want to contribute a pledge to the project then give them a shout and encourage them to get involved. If you run a business that makes beautiful things that might make the perfect pledge and would like to gift one of your products we can help promote your work.


*A Little Reminder Project respects the environment and wildlife, we trade fairly and expect others to do the same. We welcome pre-loved gifts in excellent condition as well as those that are hand made with love. Please consider this when making pledges.