A creative writing prompt and an intention for 2017

I took some time today to attend a workshop with the super lovely Maddy Brown at Nayana Yoga. Our focus was some beautiful heart opening yoga and setting intention for this year. In the second half of the morning we got to play around with stream of consciousness writing, which is always so revealing for me.

Just for fun I thought i’d share what came through in our first one minute warm up session.  My prompt was ‘Window’.

pickle at the window” I look through the window, what do I see? A beautiful little girl looking back at me. She has a sad face and auburn hair, I’ve no idea really why she’s there. She told me one that she loved it so…standing at the window looking at the snow. She’s held inside by the pane of glass and the pain in my heart that lasts and lasts. This little girl, who can it be? Is she a reflection…is she me?”

Granted i’m not winning any literary prizes any time soon but it got the process moving nicely and got me out of my head and into a flow state which was just the ticket for tapping into the true desires of my authentic heart and soul for this year.

My intention and focus word for this year is CONNECTION and I’m very much looking forward to noticing how this reveals itself as the year plays out….


Wow, I realised this week that I haven’t posted any of my writing since early last year. What a year 2016 was! It was a time of reflection and healing for me, of turning inwards, of pulling back and nurturing. My annual cleanse in february was an awesome springboard for some big shifts.

I have been exploring what it takes to live wholeheartedly, I’ve been reflecting on those things that get in the way of being wholly present with the children particularly and watching how that plays out in our family dynamic…it’s been a challenging time. Some truly beautiful moments for sure, but I can’t say its been a smooth ride. That and the usual challenges that come with chronic sleep deprivation mean that prioritising our wellbeing has been even more crucial.

I have been writing, just mainly for myself, and its been so interesting to notice how things have shifted. For this year I’ve changed the focus of the blog slightly and given myself permission to post my more casual musings on motherhood. I’ve also been asked to share a little more about our homeschool journey so, when sleep and smalls allow, I’ll be doing that this year. Being on-line always takes a backseat to self care and time with the family so I’m not promising that all my writing will make it ‘out there’. But the energy of 2017 certainly feels more expansive. Projects that have been gestating for a while will hopefully be birthed and I look forward to sharing them when the timing is right.

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