10 things having a new baby around can teach us

10 things having a new baby around can teach us

1. Sleep is for wimps!

My little one was never a sleeper, I lost count of the times I was told that new-borns sleep on average for 18 hours a day and realised pretty early on that little CJ was not going to do things ‘by the book’.

2. It is possible to embrace leg hair and if you don’t pluck your eye brows for a week…or even 10 months no-one really notices…and if they do, people are far too polite to say anything (probably distracted by the baggage under the eyes).

3. Everyone needs a best friend, two is better, ideally one of them should be your partner.

4. Motherhood is what “Wash and Go” was invented for.

5. The present moment is all there really is.

6. You too can live in a musical! It is possible to get Cadence to enjoy almost anything if you turn it into a song, even teeth cleaning and apparently it’s even better with dancing (particularly twirling) – Julie Andrews eat your heart out!

7. You will amaze yourself with your resilience.

8. There are as many ways to raise children as there are people in the world, trusting your heart and your instincts keep you sane.

9. Change is inevitable – ‘this too shall pass’ is a very effective mantra.

10. Let it go, let it go, let it go.

Oh and…sleep is for wimps!

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